Thomaston, GA

Duni Group

As part of a manufacturer’s plant expansion, we installed HVAC and automation systems to help achieve their efficiency goals.

Value Delivered

EMCOR Services Aircond provided complete HVAC, building automation, and controls services throughout Duni’s plant expansion without disrupting their 24/7/365 manufacturing operation. 

By increasing system capacity, improving air movement, and maintaining temperature control, our solutions provided better system reliability and efficiency, and enhanced the comfort of their indoor environment.

Client Objectives

Duni needed HVAC solutions as part of a plant expansion aimed at improving production capacity at their Thomaston, GA manufacturing plant.


EMCOR Services Aircond oversaw the commercial HVAC component of the expansion. We also conducted a thorough survey and met with key production and administrative personnel to recommend system replacements and additions that would help meet client objectives.

Our comprehensive solutions included:

  • Conversion from air-cooled to chilled water for efficiency and redundancy
  • Strategic placement of floor-mounted air turnover units to provide better air movement at the floor level and significantly reduce total fan horsepower
  • Replacement of the existing air distribution boxes with variable air volume terminal units and new diffusers
  • Installation of:
    • HVAC system including new air-handling units for the office area
    • Direct digital control building automation system to tightly manage comfort cooling limits in the plant and office area, as well as monitor and maintain temperature control of three process control loops
    • Plate-frame heat exchanger to cool the plant and offices in the cooler months of the year and process cooling in the winter
    • Commercial chiller redundancy and system expansion capability for future cooling

Client Background

Duni is a global provider of innovative food service concepts. They employ more than 3,000 people in 25 countries and have two U.S. manufacturing plants: one in Thomaston, GA, and the other in Menomonee Falls, WI.