Athens, GA

Confidential Manufacturing Client

We installed HVAC equipment and process controls, and added system redundancy, to help improve a manufacturer’s productivity.

Value Delivered

EMCOR Services Aircond upgraded HVAC equipment, improved process controls, and added system redundancy to help minimize breakdowns and improve process control for this confidential manufacturing client. 

Our solution helped to maintain system pressure and stabilize process water conditions, contributing to a reduction in fluctuations and improvement in product quality. By installing more reliable plant processes, we enabled the client to reduce downtime and increase productivity.

Client Objectives

The client needed HVAC retrofit services to resolve operating inconsistencies, component breakdowns, and expensive production downtime caused by a chilled water loop system that couldn't respond efficiently enough to necessary variations.


EMCOR Services Aircond installed integrated facilities management and automation systems to coordinate chiller capacity with the process load in three bays that had multiple process lines with varying requirements. Our solutions also included HVAC equipment upgrades and system redundancy. 

We replaced three large indoor process solution tanks, six pumps, and process piping, with properly-sized components to match the production load. Our solutions also included installation of:

  • One solution tank mounted outdoors to help increase plant floor space
  • Primary variable speed pump with stand-by capabilities 
  • Variable speed process loop pump with stand-by pumping
  • Air-cooled chiller to provide redundancy and improve chilled water control
  • Piping
  • Controls

Our customized control sequence combined chillers in configurations to handle each bay's load with maximum energy efficiency. The sequence adapts to load changes and mechanical failures by maintaining process water conditions, while alerting plant personnel early to potential emergencies.

In addition, we reworked piping, valves, and controls, so the chilled water supply-and-return temperatures could be mixed more efficiently, improving management of the production machines' cooling load. Finally, we:

  • Modified the electrical power systems
  • Expanded the outdoor cooling plant's concrete platform
  • Added security fencing

Client Background

This global client manufactures container closures. Their Athens, GA manufacturing facility produces high-quality closures at a rapid speed in three large production bays.