Building Automation

Man working on a computer designing building automation servicsBuilding automation services and management maintenance play a major role in the continued expansion of our service offerings.

We specialize in the design and installation of building automation systems, ranging from the latest Internet-based open-architecture technologies to complex process systems.

In today’s networked world, the ability to work together is a vital key to success. And in your facilities, whether it’s air conditioning or lighting, heating or power generation, the more integrated your systems, the more likely you are to achieve high- performance operation, maximum cost savings, and long-term value.

That’s where our Integrated Solutions team can help.

We combine advanced systems expertise and a sound understanding of today’s facilities’ requirements with extensive experience in providing our clients with tightly integrated and centralized operational control.

We can even subdivide your building into virtually any number of individual zones, each of which can be monitored to keep performance sequenced appropriately within the most exacting tolerances.

The result is facilities that deliver consistently optimal operation, reduced energy consumption, and lower overall costs.

DDC, Design/Build Installation, and HVAC Retrofit

As pioneers in the Direct Digital Control (DDC) design, build, and installation business, we’re highly qualified to provide a wide range of building automation controls, facilities work, and DDC systems.

We specialize in a variety of brands, including Schneider Electric Smart Struxure and Continuum, Andover Controls Infinity and 256, Distech, Johnson Controls Facility Explorer (FX), and Carrier i-Vue.

Whether you’re designing and installing a critical environmental control system in a hospital operating room or retrofitting a chiller plant application in a commercial building, our DDC renovation and building services management are second to none.

Our Building Automation Services Include:

  • Complete system design and integration
  • Installation
  • Programming
  • Networking
  • Start-up/Commissioning
  • On-site training
  • Customized graphics
  • Card access security/CCTV design
  • Preventive and emergency maintenance - Remote/web accessibility - Open protocols
  • Front-end integration
  • Rebate negotiation
  • Support for power company energy initiatives and innovations