Monroe, NC

Cooper Tools

Our HVAC and controls solutions helped a tool manufacturer reduce waste and improve production capacity.

Value Delivered

EMCOR Services Aircond provided technical, mechanical, and installation services that helped achieve Cooper Tools’ stringent requirements for improving their production process and minimizing breakage of the shells on their molds.

Our solutions delivered a 66 percent improvement in drying time, and maintained their desired 20 percent humidity with +/- one degree.

Overall, we helped the client minimize materials waste, improve production capacity, reduce expenses, and achieve greater profitability potential.

Client Objectives

The client needed HVAC and controls solutions that would help them reduce the number of ceramic shells broken during the autoclave phase of its manufacturing process. If their shells aren't completely dry when placed in the autoclave, water in them expands, causing the shells to break. This breakage was wasting time and materials, and reducing production capacity. To avoid this, they needed their drying room temperature maintained at 74 degrees.


In addition to their breakage challenge, Cooper Tools had also doubled the size of their drying room to accommodate increased demand. EMCOR Services Aircond provided mechanical solutions and controls for this expanded space that effectively lowered the humidity level from 45-50 percent to approximately 20 percent, while maintaining a 74-degree temperature within +/- one degree. 

While the former system took as long as 72 hours, our new system did the job in 24 hours. It also alerts engineers when humidity has returned to 20 percent, allowing them to safely move shells to the autoclave.

Our complete building automation and HVAC systems installation included:

  • Dessicant dehumidifier
  • 3,000-cubic-feet-per-minute air handler
  • 18-ton air-cooled chiller
  • Direct digital control system to integrate the system components

Client Background

A division of Cooper Industries, Inc., Cooper Tools is a manufacturer and marketer of premium quality hand tools, chain, and specialty products for the industrial, commercial, and consumer markets.