Atlanta, GA

Harris Lanier Building

We quickly resolved an office building chiller failure over a weekend, restoring full HVAC operation.

Value Delivered

When the commercial air conditioning system, in a 120,000 square-foot building, stopped working on a weekend, EMCOR Services Aircond responded swiftly to restore temporary and long-term functionality. 

We completed our entire temporary and permanent solution—including industrial HVAC ductwork, piping, and chiller replacement—without disrupting tenant activities. Tenants were able to return to the building at the start of the work week with their HVAC system restored to full operation.

Client Objectives

The client’s existing system depended on a chiller to provide cold water to the system’s central penthouse unit, and the chiller’s screw compressor had suffered a catastrophic failure. 

They needed their HVAC system back online before approximately 600 tenant employees arrived to start the work week.


To handle the immediate crisis, EMCOR Services Aircond installed a temporary skid-mounted, air-cooled 300-ton chiller in the building's parking lot. This required us to locate enough flexible HVAC ductwork to reach from the lot to the penthouse equipment room. 

Because this quantity of ductwork was not immediately available locally, we had it rapid-shipped from a supplier in Tampa, Florida. 

In the meantime, our pipefitters prepared tie-in pipe connections. We then installed the HVAC ductwork and supplied power to the temporary unit in time to have chilled water flowing to the building on Sunday afternoon. 

By the following weekend, we had provided our client a new industrial HVAC design; and ordered, rigged, and re-piped a new chiller for permanent operation.

Client Background

The Weitzman Group, Inc. is a Texas-based real estate management company that operates in five of the nation’s leading markets: Austin, Dallas, Fort Worth, Houston, and San Antonio. They manage the Harris Lanier Building.