Douglasville, GA

Arbor Place Mall

Within a tight timeline, we helped ensure smooth installation, startup, and operation of HVAC systems in a mall.

Value Delivered

Our client supplied heating and cooling terminal boxes for each Arbor Place Mall tenant; and tenants were responsible for obtaining their own store-to-box HVAC ductwork. Our part of the overall project included installing all the terminal boxes and providing system startup and maintenance.

EMCOR Services Aircond was able to seamlessly coordinate work with the tenants’ contractors and the contractor brought in by the client to implement the mall’s temperature and energy controls. 

We completed all our work without disrupting operations such as store personnel moving merchandise and furnishings into the location, and cleanup activities. Our solutions help enhance comfort and productivity, and ensure system reliability.

Client Objectives

The client needed HVAC systems installed and operating in Arbor Place Mall by opening day, as well as fine-tuning and maintenance.


Because we only had 10 days to complete the bulk of the startup, we gathered a team of experts from a large pool of HVAC service technicians and pipefitters in the Southeast. Our comprehensive solutions included:

  • Project coordination with tenants’ mechanical contractors and the client’s control vendor
  • Installation of heating and cooling terminal boxes
  • HVAC system services:
    • Startup
    • Troubleshooting
    • Fine-tuning
    • Maintenance

Client Background

Arbor Place Mall is a regional mall serving metropolitan Atlanta, Georgia.