Cooling Tower Coatings & Repairs

View of large rooftop cooler towerA cooling tower is one of the most important pieces of mechanical equipment within a facility. But if that cooling tower is not properly maintained, it can also become one of the most costly.

Chemicals and exposure to natural elements often cause the galvanized metal and rubber seams of the cooling tower to corrode, leading to water loss, water damage, and overall poor operating efficiency.

Cooling tower protection

EMCOR Services Aircond can help increase efficiency and extend the lifecycle of your cooling tower by protecting it. By applying a liquid membrane coating to the tower, and also by coating the entire sump area and seams, we help ensure that corrosion doesn't add unnecessary costs to your facility. If it’s applicable, we can even top the wet deck and fill the sides. For most cooling towers, we are able to complete the process in under three days.

Cooling tower coatings provide numerous benefits:

  • Decreased sump cleaning process and time
  • Improved unit efficiency
  • Cost savings from using fewer water chemicals
  • Delayed major repairs and replacements, adding 5+ years to your capital savings budge

How does the process work?

After an initial assessment of your equipment, we clean and remove any corrosion from the surface of the cooling tower to prepare the surface for our coating.

Once the surface is ready, we begin the process of applying the liquid membrane to create a leak-proof liner.

Once we apply the liquid membrane to the entire sump and side walls, the membrane is able to expand up to 300%, allowing for a seamless liner that doesn’t leak, and can help extend the life of the cooling tower and surrounding environment. 

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