EMCOR Safety Excellence Awards - Building Services Operating Company

Aircond_Safety award 2022 crop.jpgEMCOR Services Aircond has built a lasting safety culture that helped them record one of their lowest incident rates ever this past year and earned them a 2022 Safety Excellence Award.

Aircond’s safety culture is built on a belief that when employees are healthy and working injury free, they are in a better position to support their customers and clients. Aircond’s President, Service Manager, and Human Resources Representative attend quarterly safety training sessions where they emphasize this message.

Their Injury and Illness Prevention Program is reviewed annually by senior management, and Standard Operating Procedures are continuously reviewed and updated as need during construction planning meetings.

Along with receiving robust safety training, employees are pushed to actively engage in safety meetings and submit feedback. Ideas from the field are frequently implemented, including one recent innovation that made safety forms more accessible through the use of QR code stickers.

Thanks to their new XOi system, Aircond’s technicians are also able to submit safety concerns digitally, with video, via mobile devices. These reports are automatically sent to safety leadership so they can be promptly addressed.

Aircond also works to engage their customers in the safety process early and often. Contract quote forms include a safety section, site visits with safety personnel are conducted regularly, and all sub-contractors are thoroughly vetted for safety performance.

A number of channels are used to repeat and reinforce their safety messaging. A daily safety email is issued, weekly managers perform a “Call-em-All” and good work practices are sent out, and periodically “Doing it Right” emails highlight field employees modeling excellent workplace safety.

Aircond’s safety culture has taken many years to achieve, but thanks to the commitment of their employees and leadership, their performance is as strong as it’s ever been.

Injury and Incidence Frequency Data:

Total recordable incidence rate, 2022: 0.46
Total recordable incidence rate, 2021: 0.88

DART rate, 2022: 0.00
DART rate, 2021: 0.88

Total employee hours worked, 2022: 436,835.78
Total employee hours worked, 2021: 453,925.21